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O.S.P DoLive Craw/Shad/Hog/SS-Gill, PICRO [WORM]

O.S.P DoLive Craw/Shad/Hog/SS-Gill, PICRO [WORM]

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O.S.P's first worm, "Drive Claw," has "All parts function without waste, and it continues to attract bass at any time." The unique charm that is created by mixing the different movements of each part is the fall. Increases the number of bites inside. Immediately after landing on the bottom, a time-lag action occurs in which the scissors and whiskers lag behind the body and slowly fall down, attracting the bass, and even after various patterns of invitation, some part of the part always attracts the bass and loses the sense of life. Never. I want you to experience the life-like wriggling and the undeniably intense bite.

LENGTH: 2inch, Quantity: 10(2inch)


I acquired a new action of spontaneously swimming even in free fall, and turned a weak point into a bite opportunity. The way it falls by twisting its body and flapping its tail is just like a baitfish heading towards the bottom of its own will!This means that if you let it land on the water near cover, you can aim for a fall bite before retrieving it, even if it chases you. It is now possible to lure bass that do not eat with fall action, and make bass eat with fall that could not be made to eat with just winding. In addition, when winding, the tail swings firmly even with dead slow retrieve, but it is stable even with fast retrieve, and generates an attractive sound when buzzing. Drive Shad is a unique shad tail worm that can be set and fed by anglers.

LENGTH: 4inch, Quantity: 6(4inch)

DoLiveHog SW

The Drive Hog 2.5” was designed as a bass worm for high pressure fields.It has a small silhouette with parts that pursue movement, and has both overwhelming lively action and powerful water push.Its fishing performance is The target fish was not limited to bass. Captain Masaaki Endo of Tokyo Bay Sea Bass Guide Island Cruise uses it frequently on free rigs as a standard worm for chinning games. In pursuit of even greater fishing results, this color is specially designed for use with salt. Born in the lineup.

LENGTH: 2.5inch, Quantity: 5

DoLive SS-Gill

DoLive SS-Gill is a bluegill type worm that maximizes its search and feeding performance in order to obtain efficient and overwhelming fishing results, especially for bass that are picky about bluegills. The slide performance allows for a large spiral fall while pushing the water moderately slowly during the fall, and unpredictable tricky action due to the jerking at the fall and bottom. The spiral fall creates the original swimming style of bluegill, but by making a large spiral, it appeals to a wide range with one cast and attracts bass, and the combination of the realistic pushing feeling of water and the high pitch action of the tail reminiscent of tail fins makes it a serious hit. Induces a part-time job. While pursuing ease of use and hooking performance, it is designed with a shape and material that provides an overwhelming sliding width when falling, condensing actual fishing performance.

LENGTH: 3.6inch, Quantity: 5(3.6inch)


PICRO 68 is an innovative minnow that allows you to easily create roll action with just winding and rod work, and produces a strong color change and flashing.
The SSS (Super Slow Sinking) model drifts while sinking slightly when the action is stopped, and performs a roll action while suppressing the distance traveled. Depending on the retrieval speed, when simply reeling, a wide range of effects can be produced, from small fish that are unsteady and unsuspecting, to small fish that are in a panic and run away. With medium retrieve, it can be used as a search bait to keep the range at a depth of about 50 cm and search a wide range. Continuous short twitches are appealing with a roll action that goes beyond just winding.

Recommended tackle
Spinning rod: 6ft to 6.6ft UL to L action
Line: Fluorocarbon line approximately 4lb., PE line approximately No. 1