Long Years of Technology and Passion Fueling a New Ocean Adventure

NT MicroSystems Inc. has been at the forefront of system development, driving technological innovation. Founded in 2001, our Marine Division embarked on its journey in 2022. With this extensive history and experience, we are now venturing into our founder’s passion for fishing.

We are not just a company that creates products. Our goal is to provide the joy of creation to everyone, making it possible for each individual to realize their ideas. The various fishing gear we are currently developing, born from our founder’s niche hobby, are still in their infancy. However, through this initiative, we are exploring new possibilities to make fishing more enjoyable.

We believe in the power of technology and approach new challenges with passion. We welcome all who love the sea and enjoy creation. Everything you dream of, such as "It would be nice to have this," can be realized together with us. At our Marine Division, we reinvest the profits earned to support creators and help them overcome various challenges.

From this land blessed with Japan’s beautiful seas, we create products that are highly regarded worldwide. Our products are showcased at events like the Japan Fishing Festival, and we also engage in joint research and development with partner companies like SURPPA and Loongze. Would you like to join us on a journey to enrich the future of the seas and the planet?