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SURPPA / SURPPA PLUS [Japanese Edition]

SURPPA / SURPPA PLUS [Japanese Edition]

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SURPPA Single Model is suitable for retail sale.

Since the release of SURPPA in 2022 in Japan, it is now sold at over hundreds of fishing gear stores across Japan and has been very popular. We have a complete product lineup and are highly rated by people all over Japan. We look forward to your cooperation as we move towards global expansion.

✔︎ 06/2024 New SURPPA ML size and L wide size are now in stock.

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When I take out the lure, it gets tangled with other lures and I can't take it out right away... Lures hit each other in the tackle box and hurt... Even when I put the hook cover on, it comes off easily and it's a pain to put it on...

Aren't you always under such stress ?

SURPPA solves it completely !

  • Easy & Guard!

    A new lure case that can store a single lure. You can put it in easily and take it out quickly. The special structure holds lures of various designs.

  • Slim & Light!

    The transparent case allows you to quickly take out the lures you need inside the box. You can put it in your bag or pocket when you want to hold a little lure.

  • Washable!

    You can wash and dry the lure with it in the SURPPA! Can be used repeatedly and has excellent cost performance.