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DECOY L-12 Multi Sinker Lock [OTHER]

DECOY L-12 Multi Sinker Lock [OTHER]

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DECOY L-12 Multi Sinker Lock

By combining it with a drop type sinker, it is a multi-stopper that allows you to change modes to various rigs without changing the knot. By choosing a size that just barely fits inside the eye of your drop sinker, you can take advantage of the function of the sinker stopper and move it back and forth with the sinker at the desired timing. Quickly transforms into a free type rig, Zero Dan style, or Caro type rig. It is especially a strong ally when you are not able to carry many rods. Of course, it can also be used as a Texas rig stopper.

With a stopper of each size passed through the 12lb line, if you hold the sinker and apply tension, the stopper will pass through the ai with an exquisitely balanced weight number.
There may be cases where it is not compatible depending on the line of use, etc. If it is difficult to pass through, wetting it with water will make it easier.

Also, if you want to completely fix the sinker, please choose one size larger than this compatibility chart.
If you are using other sinkers, please choose a size that has the same or slightly smaller outer diameter than the inner diameter of the ai.