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This product is a DBC-CHARGER for Loongze Airlite DBC (A100 Air DBC / B100 Air DBC).


In normal usage, a charger is not required as it is charged by casting or rotating the handle, but the battery may be completely discharged when rotating the handle slowly, casting over short distances, or in a cold field.
It is a charger with a built-in battery that can be carried around like wireless earphones, and if you prepare a charger with a battery that is already charged via USB etc., you can easily charge it on the go.

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✔︎ DC reel charger with built-in battery that can be carried and charged anywhere
✔︎ Easy operation, just remove the DBC unit from the reel body, insert it into the dedicated charger, and press the button on the dedicated charger
(Switch between 5 minutes charging → 10 minutes charging → OFF by pressing the button on the charger)
✔︎ A dedicated charger does the same thing as charging by manually turning the handle (spool) (equipped with a motor)
✔︎ Product model number LZ-CNQ1, maximum power consumption 2W, power input 5V1A (USB)
✔︎ USB cable for charging the battery inside the charger and instructions (Chinese/English) included

*It may take a long time to fully charge the battery from zero.
(If you charge while connected to the power supply via USB, it will continue to charge continuously without stopping in 5 to 10 minutes)

*The only way to check the remaining battery status in the DBC unit is from the dedicated app on WeChat if the firmware in the DBC unit (V2.18 or later) is installed.

* When the battery level in the DBC unit reaches near zero (Low Battery), the LED display and sound will no longer be output. In addition, in field tests, in such cases, there were rare cases where the brake control during casting became strange (backlash), although it was extremely rare. In order to keep the battery level as low as possible, we recommend that you keep the following in mind when using the product.


⚠️ Basically, when casting, the battery inside the DBC unit is efficiently charged by high-speed spool rotation, so for example, when testing indoors, you can control the LED and sound by pressing the button on the reel DBC unit without casting. If you leave it out, the battery will run out quickly. (It is said that if you operate it for about 30 minutes, it will consume enough power to use up a full charge.)

⚠️ If you frequently perform operations such as the indoor test mentioned above, or if you are in the field where the temperature is below 0℃, I think it is better to fully charge the battery in advance using this DBC-CHARGER.