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Loongze Airlite B101 Air HG [Made to order]

Loongze Airlite B101 Air HG [Made to order]

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Introducing the Loongze Reel Airlite BF (B101 AIR HG)– precision-cut from 6061-T6 aluminum for 30% more strength than traditional die-casting. Experience adjustable brake resistance tailored to line spool speed, with 5x44 matrix adjustment. The pure carbon brake disc and high-hardness T7 plate ensure smooth braking, even under heavy force. The innovative clutch mechanism, line spool bearing system, and DGFX drive gear fixing enhance durability and reduce noise. Our industry-first dual-support line spool structure, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, ensures strength without sacrificing lightness. Perfect for finesse casting, handling weights from 1 gram. Loongze B101 AIR HG: Precision, Strength, Finesse.

Color: Gunsmoke, Gold, Purple

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Matrix Brake System MBS

Brake resistance intervention varies according to the rotational speed of the line spool, providing a more stable linear resistance. There are 5 adjustable invention levels, combined with 44 adjustable permanent magnet resistance, forming a 5X44 matrix resistance adjustment.

Integrated Metal Frame

CNC precision cut 7075-T7 bar stock aluminum one-piece-body which integrates the reel seat and front cover into the main frame. 30% stronger than the traditional die-casting process.

Drive Gear Fixing Mechanism

The DGFX drive gear fixing mechanism, with its innovative design, effectively eliminates axial movement of the main gear, thereby enhancing the durability and stability of both large and small gears.

The drive gear fixing mechanism is a sophisticated solution that provides stability and durability to gear systems, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Its innovative design effectively eliminates axial movement, enhancing the overall reliability and functionality of the gears, regardless of their size or intended use.

Floating Ball Bearing System

Floating Ball Bearing System

The innovative line spool bearing floating system can effectively reduce the axial movement and noise generated during high-speed casting, thereby enhancing casting sensitivity and stability.

Smooth Release System

The newly designed clutch mechanism incorporates a special Teflon washer between the clutch plate and the main body. The installation hole for the torsion spring has an super strong PEEK liner, achieving lubrication-free smooth movement and providing an exceptionally long lifespan of 200,000 cycles with no wear. Additionally, it effectively addresses corrosion issues in high-humidity and high-salt environments.

Smooth & Strong Drag System

The pure carbon brake disc, combined with the high-hardness T7 machined brake plate, constructs a smooth and stable braking system. The thickened brake plate can prevent damage to the main gear bearings even under high braking force when fully engaging with large fish.

SPECIFICATIONS - Loongze Airlite B101

Loongze B101 Air HG B101 Air HG(left) 75cm(29.5inch) per crank line pickup 10+2+1 7.1:1 3.8kg(8.4lb)


Outer Dia.:34mm

Inner Dia:28.9mm

139g(4.9oz) 0.6#/100m PE line
Loongze B101 Air HG B101 Air HG(right) 75cm(29.5inch) per crank line pickup 10+2+1 7.1:1 3.8kg(8.4lb)


Outer Dia.:34mm

Inner Dia:28.9mm

139g(4.9oz) 0.6#/100m PE line