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GEECRACK Bellows Stick2.8 [WORM]

GEECRACK Bellows Stick2.8 [WORM]

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GEECRACK Bellows Stick

The strongest water-biting worm!

There are two sizes: a larger body of 8 inches and an additional size of 5.8 inches.The entire body has a ribbed shape, so when a fish puts it into its mouth, it sucks it deep into its mouth without feeling any discomfort. By making the whole body rib shaped, we have achieved the strongest water bite, solid wave motion, and natural action.

The original S.A.F material attracts fish with its smell and taste, resulting in a long bite.
*S.A.F is an acronym for salt (SALT) + amino acid (Amino) + flavor (Flavor)


GEECRACK Factory's special worm material. Saf formula is a liquid formula made from the extract of "SAF material".

Place the worms in a bag and inject them into it. A special fishing formula that appeals to fish's sense of smell and taste, containing salt, amino acids, and shrimp flavor.

What is S.A.F Material?

“S.A.F Material” is GEECRACK’s original worm material.
This is a carefully produced in-house worm material containing a unique balance of S=salt, A=amino acid, and F=formula.
We are particular about the amino acids and formulas we use, and we are currently conducting research to create a power material that will help you catch fish by blending several types of ingredients that are actually contained in the living organisms that serve as bait.

Function 1

The delicate, deep-grooved ring shape of the body allows it to be held firmly in the mouth, absorbs water well, and conveys taste and smell well.

Function 2

The ring shape that continues all the way to the tip of the tail firmly conveys the natural action to the tip of the tail.

Function 3

SAF material is a worm material made from GEECRACK's original blend. to fish!
In pursuit of materials, we blend salt, amino acids, and formula to create a carefully selected material that appeals to fish's sense of taste and smell.