Loongze Airlite B50 Air DBC-1 [Made to order]

Loongze Airlite B50 Air DBC-1 [Made to order]

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※ Production will start in May 2024, and delivery will be made sequentially from June 2024.

✔︎ Preliminary report / details will be added later.
For the manufacturer's convenience, the B50 Air DBC-1 will be released first, which is not equipped with Bluetooth wireless communication, but has simplified operation with dial control.
There is no difference in price between DBC-1 and DBC.


・Weight: 141g, Gear ratio 7.1:1, Winding length 60cm, Number of bearings: 10+2+1, Drag force: 4kg (8.8lb)
・Spool specifications: weight 7.1g, outer diameter 30mm, inner diameter 24mm, width 22mm, spool capacity 100m / PE #0.8
・Color variations: Gunsmoke (silver), Gold (gold), Black (black)
・Spools are not compatible with B50 Air HG. (Compatible with B50 Air DBC-1)

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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