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Loongze Airlite B100 Air DBC [Made to order]

Loongze Airlite B100 Air DBC [Made to order]

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Introducing the Airlite DBC(B100 Air DBC)-Loong-DBC electromagnetic braking reel, engineered for unparalleled responsiveness that surpasses traditional DBC models by over 10 times. This cutting-edge reel offers a heightened level of control over braking force, allowing for nuanced adjustments with remarkable precision. Thanks to its highly integrated electromagnetic module and advanced power management system, the Loong-DBC eliminates the need for external charging, relying on a throw-and-retrieve mechanism for effortless recharging.

The Loong-DBC boasts five distinct braking modes and a wealth of customization options, catering to anglers at every skill level from novice to expert. Utilizing advanced sensors, it accommodates bait weights within the 1-20g range, delivering exceptional finesse fishing performance. With a lightweight construction tipping the scales at 148g and a high-integration waterproof circuit board, this reel achieves an impressive IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring reliable performance even in saltwater environments. Elevate your fishing experience with the Loong-DBC – where innovation meets precision on every cast.

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137g ultra-light IMF frame

IMF integrated metal frame, integrating the reel foot and front cover into the main body frame, processed with CNC machining, providing a 30% strength improvement compared to die-casting technology, and weighing only 137g

No external charging required

DBC electromagnetic brake technology is not uncommon,but the Loong-DBC electromagnetic brake system stands out with a faster response time(more than 10 times faster than traditional DC systems) and a more nuanced range for adjusting braking force. Thanks to highly integrated electromagnetic modules and advanced power management strategies, the Loong-DC system eliminates the need for external charging, relying on the energy conversion from its own electromagnetic actions to accomplish charging. However, for small bait weights ranging from 1 to 5 grams, due to the insufficient rotational speed of the spool during casting, it may result in slower charging compared to faster retrieval speeds. In this case, recharging is necessary

Suitable for anglers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced

Loong-DBC offers 5 brake modes and a wealth of adjustment options, covering every stage from beginners to advanced anglers. In the 【Beginner Mode】, it provides new anglers with strong entry confidence with an extremely low backlash rate. With adjustments to brake engagement and intensity, it allows for quantifiable control over casting progress.【Master Mode】 the rich tuning options optimize the advancement of experienced anglers, enabling precise adjustments tailored to individual characteristics and unlocking greater potential for improvement

Support for Casting a Broad Range of Bait Sizes

Thanks to advanced sensors, Loong DBC features a wider adjustable brake range and a more delicate brake adjustment interval. It can accommodate bait weights in the range of 0.8-10g, providing excellent finesse performance

ultralight line spool

4.7g only. 7075 aluminum integrated CNC-machined ultralight line spool,Optimized in conjunction with Loong DBC for ultimate casting performance

Highly Integrated Waterproof Circuit Board Design

Loong-DBC adopts a highly integrated waterproof circuit board design, achieving an IP68 waterproof rating. It is also compatible also compatible with saltwater environments (please rinse with fresh water promptly after use)

Low-resistance line outlet

Loongze has moved the line outlet forward, expanded the opening inside, reduced the variation in the outlet angle, and minimized the friction resistance between most lines and the line outlet. Outlet angle ≤ 29 degrees.

SPECIFICATIONS - Loongze Airlite B100

B100 Air-DBC B100 Air-DBC(left) 75cm(29.5inch) per crank line pickup 10+2+1 7.1:1 4kg(8.8lb)


Outer Dia.:34mm

Inner Dia:26mm Width: 24mm

148g(5.2oz) 1#/150m,1.5#-100m PE line
B100 Air-DBC B100 Air-DBC(right) 75cm(29.5inch) per crank line pickup 10+2+1 7.1:1 4kg(8.8lb)


Outer Dia.:34mm

Inner Dia:26mm Width: 24mm


148g(5.2oz) 1#/150m,1.5#-100m PE line